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Memebox Superbox #72 Etude House

It’s an epic moment in Membox history – the Etude House Box is finally available! Who says serious skincare an makeup has to be well, serious? Not Etude House! Although their cult favorite products pack a punch with seriously effective ingredients, their cheeky (love that word) name and ridiculously cute packaging never fail to make you smile. Offering a wide range of beauty products, Etude House delivers 100% satisfaction for all. It’s a win-win situation: crazily adorable beauty goodies that are totally effective.




Play Therapy Sleeping Pack 150ml ($10)

Etude’s special formula “Nutrition Compact” – a blend of pomegranate, mango seed butter, and evening primrose – combined together with rich collagen complex work to deeply nourish and tighten up dry, sagging skin overnight, for a mochi-firm and radiant complexion the next morning.

Oh My Lash Mascara 01 Top Coat 8.5g ($5)

Ever heard of a top coat for your lashes? Create translucent and glossy lashes by applying it alone, or give a non-smudging and long-lasting finish to your regular eye makeup by applying it over the mascara.

Moistfull Collagen Cream 60ml ($18)

Specially formulated with marine collagen and mucilage from baobab trees, the famous Moistfull Collagen Cream is a gentle, deeply moisturizing, and skin firming facial cream. It’s fast absorbing and lightweight in texture as well, making it a suitable moisturizer for both the summer and winter times.

Belle Dress Pretty Look Shower Cologne Pretty Look 100ml ($8)

Get ready in the morning with a spritz of Bell Dress cologne which comes in a fruity perfume complex – a blend of fruity sweetness, jasmine formal, refreshing green note, and warm musk scents. Its blend of hyaluronic acid, natural spring water, and the lovely perfume fragrance will give a refreshingly moist and sweetly scented start to your day.

Face Conditioning Fixer 80ml ($12)

A makeup boosting fixer for cooling, refreshing, and moisturizing the skin while locking in makeup in place for a long-lasting, silky finish. It also helps soothe and relieve reddened or irritated skin with its aloe vera infused formula.

Brow Mascara 4.5g ($7)

A mascara for your brows! Non-smudging, long-lasting and containing allantoin, beeswax, and camauba wax components rich in nutrition, this Brow Mascara from Etude House offers a naturally defined and youthful-looking arches with just a quick smudge!

I’m happy with this box. It’s not of the highest value, but I’m satisfied. ~MizD



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