postheadericon Memebox ~ Scentbox #2 Baby Powder


THANK YOU MEMEBOX! I love love love Baby Powder scented ANYTHING. I jumped when I saw this and bought it with NO hesitation LOL. Uh like I ever hesitate with Memebox. :-)

PRICE: $23 + 6.99 shipping.








Mimi Lauryne’s ~ Perfume Soap French Blossom (100g, $18)
A lovely soft organic soap containing shea butter, olive oil and coconut milk. AMAZING SMELLING! It even came in it’s own box.

Consensus Deodorizer ~ Baby Powder (30ml sample, $0.64)
Ummm love it of course!
Lailly 7 Seconds ~Make-Up Booster (50g $40)
This is a primer, except it’s light blue and smells faintly of baby powder. Kind of confusing. I’m not sure if I’ll use it.I mean, I’m sure it’s not going to make my face blue! :-)
Happy Fam Deo Fresh Baby Powder wipes (20, $2)
Useful for traveling.

I love this entire box SHOCK SHOCK! I happily paid for it myself and all gooey opinions are mine. ~D There are affiliate links in this post.



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