postheadericon Madame Ladybug Pamper Me Ladybox ~ October 2013

Madame Ladybug Pamper Me Ladybox is a new T.O.M box. This is from their blog.

“How many of us women at one point or another have wished for pads, tampons, and chocolates to magically just appear at their doorstep when Mother Nature causes an uproar of emotions, hormones, and a whole lot of unwanted symptoms. Well your wish is our command! Madame Ladybug is that magical experience that will take that time of month and turn it into an event that you will continue to look forward to. Each month we will send you a Ladybox, filled with all the necessities you will need to survive your period, not with a frown but with a SMILE. We do not consider ourselves a tampon delivery service, because our job doesn’t just end after the products have been delivered to you. Our job is to support you and encourage you until your cycle ends. Madame Ladybug is a special catering service for women; when they are at their most vulnerable, emotional, and hormonal place. Give us the privilege to serve you!”

They offer three options

Flo Control ~ $18/month

Pamper Me ~ $25/month

Ultimate Indulgence ~ $33/month

Necessities for the month: PAMPER ME

  • * Always Ultra Thin Overnight Pads
  • * Always Incredibly Thin Pantyliners
  • * Sensibles Disposable Bags
  • * 4 Packets of Midol
  • * Summer’s Eve Wipes
  • * Pocket Tissues

Guilty Pleasures of This Month:

  • Cosmos Creation Cinnamon Crunch
  • Rice Crispy Treat
  • Kellogs Strawberry bar
  • Sunbelt Strawberry bar
  • Snackwell’s Chocolate Pretzels
  • Welches Fruit Snacks
  • Snackwell’s Cookie
  • Turtle bar
  • 5 different various bags of tea


Gifts & Bonus Items For October:

  • Rose bath flower soap
  • Tea Light Candle
  • Shower Gel
  • Mini Loofah
  • A welcome gift ~ Love Necklace
  • Trick/Treat Candy Bag




I can’t believe all the treats and gifts this box contained! Super impressed! Based on this first box I highly recommend it!

I was given this box for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine ~D


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